This is What Dorm Rooms Looked Like in the 1800s and Early 1900s

By | March 1, 2017

Can you imagine how dorm rooms look a 100 years ago? Here are pictures to give you a rare look inside...

Four young ladies enjoy some time together at a Lindenwood dormitory at the turn of the century.
dormrooms 100 years ago 1

A group of girls pose to take a picture during a sleep over at Peace College, Raleigh, NC, c.1910s.
dormrooms 100 years ago 2

The ladies of Vassar get together for a study session in a dorm-room in 1905.
dormrooms 100 years ago 3

Here are two young women enjoying some studying over tea at Brown University in 1912. We love the banners hanging and also the fact that they're oblivious to their dishes that needs washing!
dormrooms 100 years ago 4

Lady's dorm room at UW-Madison in 1898. She kept everything prim and meticulously proper!
dormrooms 100 years ago 5

Here we see a single room in Chadbourne Hall in 1899. The details we love here are: the father and mother's portraits, the oversized books, and the amazing mirror.
dormrooms 100 years ago 6

Here is a view within a Cornell upperclassmen's room around 1902. It's spacious - and there's even a fireplace!
dormrooms 100 years ago 7

Here is a young H. S. Coulter in 1905 while studying at Trinity. He even posed with his hat and pipe donned for this shot!
dormrooms 100 years ago 8

A young man poses in his room with his pipe at Maryland in 1904. It's interesting to guess what life awaited him after graduation.
dormrooms 100 years ago 9

Two young men, members of Sigma Theta, pose with an earnestly decorated room at Baylor University. A lot is going on here, but our favorite is the dog portrait in the top right.
dormrooms 100 years ago 10

Another view of a bit more organized and elegant Baylor dorm room.
dormrooms 100 years ago 11

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