Earth's core may be encased by an ocean floor that has mountains 5 times taller taller than Everest

By Bo Beard | May 16, 2024

Massive mountains

There are many unknowns about the Earth's core, located approximately 1,800 miles beneath us. A recent study has uncovered a finding that may assist scientists in understanding its enigmatic internal mechanisms.

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The study proposes that the Earth's core might be surrounded by an ancient oceanic crust containing massive mountains five times larger than Mount Everest. 

Recycled ocean floor

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This revelation was made possible by the creation of the most intricate map of the geology beneath the southern hemisphere of our planet. If validated, this concept of a "recycled" ocean floor could function like a thermal blanket, trapping heat within the core. Samantha Hansen, the lead author of the study and a professor of geological sciences at the University of Alabama, explained in an email to Insider.