Edward Paisnel: A Masked Sex Offender Known As 'The Beast Of Jersey'

By | November 8, 2019

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A policeman modeling the mask of the Beast of Jersey. Source: (True Crime Enthusiast)

When you live in an isolated area, you have to find your own ways to entertain yourself. You could go with something harmlessly mild, like erecting the world's largest pea pod, but if you're like Edward Paisnel, you wage a full-blown reign of terror against your most vulnerable neighbors, complete with homemade outfits and Satanic symbolism. (Note: Do not be like Edward Paisnel.)

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The Beast of Jersey's disguise. Source: (True Crime Enthusiast)

Who was Edward Paisnel?

Between 1957 and 1971, Paisnel stalked, raped, and sodomized more than 13 people living on the remote isle of Jersey, which is part of the Channel Islands between England and France. By day, however, he was a construction worker who lived with his wife, Joan, and her children---just your average, everyday family man. That's not to say that, even to Paisnel's family, everything was as it seemed. Apparently, due to what his wife described as his "low sex drive," the marriage was in name only. (Joan Paisnel insisted that she was unaware of his actions throughout their marriage.) He kept his wardrobe and supplies in an annexed section of the house that, upon his arrest, was opened up to reveal multiple costumes, a sort of Satanic shrine, and a strong, musty scent that matched victims' descriptions of their attacker. He had no criminal record unless you count being jailed for stealing food during World War II to feed hungry families. On top of that, he played Santa Claus at his wife's foster home for children, La Preference, at least once upon her request. The kids even called him "Uncle Ted." One more good deed and the more cynical among us might have started wondering what he was hiding, but as it was, Edward Paisnel was practically a saint in the eyes of his community.