Eerie Historical Photos From The Past

By Sophia Maddox | June 30, 2023

Photos taken of a couple on the same motorbike, 51 years apart

You’ve heard that a photo is worth a thousand words, but photos like the collection here have stories with so much more to say. These pictures give an insight into what life was like in eras as disparate as the 18th century and the 1970s. You’ll see what life was like for a kid in America during the baby boom, and how the Native people of America lived long before the modern metropolis existed. These rare historical aren’t just informative, they’re a fun look at a time long gone, and maybe a time that you wish you could go back to. Prepare to be astonished and read on!

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Source: Reddit

Don’t you wish your parents were this cool? This adorable couple doesn’t just look cute together, they also know how to take care of the upkeep on their motorcycle. There’s something astonishing about seeing young love, especially when it blossoms into a lifelong relationship built around tearing around the countryside on a moped. These two sweethearts look cool in both photos, but there’s something classic about their style in the older picture. It’s amazing that cool fashion never changes, whether it’s back pants, a neckerchief, or an aerodynamic motorcycle. Now, how fast do you think that bad boy goes?

A pair of spooky skeletons riding horses for Halloween in the 1920s

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Just imagine it, you’re walking through the streets of a small town with a bag full of candy in hand. The full moon is out, and then you hear the beating of hooves down coming down the street. Out of the darkness you see two skeletal horses carrying their spooky riders right towards you - what could they be? In the 1920s this was a normal costume for people and their animals, not only were these costumes a simple way to celebrate Halloween without having to go all out. Although, wouldn’t you say that covering a horse from head to foot in a Skelton sheet is more or less going all out?