Eerie Photos Still Discussed Decades Later


Lady And Her Horse On A Snowy Day In 1899

What is it about haunting photos from the past that makes them so impossible to forget? Is it their dreamlike quality? Or is it the way in which they show a past that we don't see in history books? These rare photos from the past show not only a different time and place, but a different kind of world all together.

On first glance these chilling photos seem otherworldly, but look closer... Not only will you find an enchanting artistry in the following images but photos that will send tingles up your spine.

Millions, maybe even billions of photos are taken every day. However, the photos that manage to stick in our minds years later have an inherently hypnagogic quality. They show the way that the world really was in the past. Don't be afraid... look deeply and take a trip to the past. 

source: reddit

This image of a woman chasing her horse through the snow is chilling, but not just because of the clearly frigid temperatures. Felix Thiollier captured a moment of unease and desire in this strange photo. Who is this woman, and why is she running through the snow with her horse?

It's likely that she's just training her horse, but the snow in this photo adds to its dream-like structure. The snapshot has the look of something that you would see moments before you wake up and shake the sleep from your eyes. It's a moment in time lost in a fog, no wonder it's so effecting to viewers.