Eerie Vintage Photos That Will Give You Chills

By | January 12, 2022

A very pregnant Sharon Tate lounges by the pool on Cielo Drive.

There are moments in our history that cause us to pause and reflect. It could be that we know what is about to happen next and that gives us a chill when we look back in hindsight. Or it could be that things were not how they appeared to be on the surface. Or, perhaps, things were more complex, more salacious, or just plain weirder than how you remembered them. That’s what this collection of vintage photographs of the past is all about. These pics offer you another angle of the story or another piece to the puzzle that aids in our understanding of our history. 

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Beautiful actress Sharon Tate, shot to stardom in Valley of the Dolls, was happily married to her director husband Roman Polanski, and the couple was expecting their first child. As this photograph shows, Sharon was positively glowing. On the evening of August 9, 1969, Polanski was out of town on business so Sharon asked her good friends, Abigail Folger, Jay Sebring, and Wojciech Fryowski, to keep her company. In the dark of the night, members of Charles Manson’s cult crept into the home and viciously and violently murdered the entire group. Sharon Tate was eight months pregnant when she was murdered. 

Mr. Rogers Throwing Up the Bird to a Group of Kids

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This story is not as terrible as it sounds. During the taping of an episode of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, Mr. Rogers was singing a children's ditty, "Where Is Thumbkin?" In the song, each finger on the hand has a special name. As he was singing the verse for each digit, Mr. Rogers held up that finger on both hand to show the children in the audience. When he got to the "Where is Tall Man?" verse, he proudly displayed his middle fingers to the children. And it suddenly hit him what he was doing. Fits of laughter followed.