Eleanor Roosevelt: Facts And Trivia You Didn't Know About The Feminist Icon

By | October 9, 2020

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Eleanor Roosevelt, first lady and social activist. (Getty Images)

As FDR's first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt matured into a icon of the feminist movement and a symbol of charity and activism. But she wasn't always the wise, confident, charismatic woman she became in her later years.

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Roosevelt as a small child, 1887. (National Archives and Records Administration/Wikimedia Commons)

She Was Born A Roosevelt

Feminist that she was, it's likely that Eleanor Roosevelt wouldn't have changed her name when she got married, but as luck would have it, she didn't have to. In fact, when then-president (and her uncle) Theodore Roosevelt walked her down the aisle at her wedding, he quipped, "Nothing like keeping the name in the family." It was no coincidence: Franklin Delano Roosevelt was actually her fifth cousin, once removed.