Evidence of a Wooden Structure That Predates Our Species Uncovered

By Mike Fishmore | April 19, 2024

Unique glimpse

Discovered in 2019 at the Kalambo Falls in Zambia, a set of connected logs untouched by sunlight for over half a million years has the potential to disrupt established beliefs about the technological capabilities and societal practices of our Stone Age predecessors.

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Barham, et al., Nature

These artifacts offer archaeologists a unique glimpse into wooden technology during mid-Paleolithic Africa, a period typically associated with significant advancements in stone tool innovations. 

Ancient civilizations

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Remarkably, these logs predate the emergence of our species, Homo sapiens, adding a new layer of complexity to our understanding of ancient civilizations. Following a thorough examination by a team of researchers from around the world, a surprising revelation has emerged: the wooden objects were likely components of a permanent structure, possibly a platform or a building.