Extraordinary Photos That Resurface The Past

By Sophia Maddox | December 17, 2023

Sigmund Freud, age 15 or 16, with his mother (1872).

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At the tender age of fifteen or sixteen, Sigmund Freud was already a budding scholar. With his mother Amalia by his side, he explored the world with an inquisitive and curious mind. Together they took long walks around Vienna, discussing philosophy, literature, and science. During these strolls, Sigmund's love for learning grew, as did his understanding of the complexities of human behavior. It was during this time that Freud developed a passion for psychology and began to explore the inner workings of the human psyche. As he continued to grow in knowledge and experience, so too did his relationship with his beloved mother, who encouraged him to pursue his dreams and never stop questioning the world around him.

An elegant Princess Diana dances with John Travolta at a White House gala dinner in 1985.

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Princess Diana's grace and beauty were on full display when she danced with John Travolta at a White House gala dinner in 1985. The iconic image of the two dancing together has become an enduring symbol of their friendship, as well as a reminder of the elegance and glamour that characterized the late Princess' life. As they twirled around the dance floor, Diana sparkled in her stunning off-the-shoulder gown while Travolta looked dapper in his tuxedo. This memorable moment was immortalized in photos and videos that have been shared and admired by generations since then. It is a testament to the timelessness of Diana's charm and poise, as well as the joyous spirit of the event.