Feast Your Eyes: Vintage Images Expose A Wilder Side To The Past

Sharon Tate and Tony Curtis on the set of Don’t Make Waves in 1967.

The faces of the groovy era you will see in this collection of photographs are nostalgic, inspiring, and intriguing. Behind their very public lives were real people with lives that were filled with excitement, heartache, highs, and lows. As you scroll through these slides and learn about the actors, singers, models, and other celebrities of the 1950s. 1960s. 1970s, and beyond, you will appreciate the achievements and contributions they made to our pop culture. 

Source: Pinterest

The 1967 comedy, Don’t Make Waves, was based on the Ira Wallach novel, Muscle Beach, that was published in 1959. It starred Tony Curtis, Sharon Tate, Claudia Cardinale, and Dave Draper in roles that were over-sexualized and stereotyped. The film tried to shine spotlights on all the different subgroups of Southern California at the time and weave them all together in a love triangle romance. Filmed at Venice Beach, Don’t Make Waves featured bodybuilders, surfers, beach babes, real estate gurus, and spiritual psychic.