Federal Judge Delivers Another Blow To Hunter Biden's Defense

By Daniel Walker | March 29, 2024

Hunter Biden’s defense

The legal woes surrounding Hunter Biden, the son of U.S. President Joe Biden, have garnered intense public and media attention, creating a complex narrative of legal allegations, political implications, and personal scrutiny. The culmination of tax and gun charges has propelled Hunter Biden's legal battles into the forefront of public discourse, with significant implications for both his personal life and the broader political landscape.

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ABC News

Hunter Biden faced a setback in court as Judge Mark Scarsi rejected his legal team's arguments to dismiss federal tax charges. This ruling suggests the possibility of a trial in the future.

Hunter's lawyers

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During the hearing in Los Angeles, Hunter's lawyers clashed with special counsel David Weiss's team, who was present in the audience. The defense contended that the tax indictment, accusing Hunter of tax evasion and late filings, should be dropped due to alleged partisan misconduct and immunity from a prior plea deal.