Unearthed Photos Offer A Fresh Perspective On Moments In History

By Sophia Maddox | September 4, 2023

David Bowie and Iman at their wedding, June 6th 1992, Florence, Italy

Ever wonder what life was really like in the past? The history books do a good job of telling us about important events and people, but they often don’t give us details about the everyday lives of people and the mind-blowing things that people did in the past. This collection of unique images from our past illustrates the ordinary and the extraordinary. 

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David Bowie and Iman's love story was nothing short of a modern-day fairytale. Their journey together began in 1990 when they crossed paths in Los Angeles, and from that moment on, their connection was undeniable. Two years later, on June 6th, 1992, in the romantic setting of Florence, Italy, they exchanged vows and embarked on a lifelong journey together. Their union was a fusion of not only two beautiful souls but also two incredibly talented and creative minds. Bowie, the iconic rock star, and Iman, the legendary supermodel, formed a bond that transcended fame and fortune, rooted in a deep and genuine affection for one another. Together, they navigated the highs and lows of life, showcasing a love that served as an inspiration to many, proving that even in the world of music and fashion, true love can endure and flourish. David Bowie and Iman's love story will forever remain a testament to the enduring power of love and partnership.

The Veiled Virgin by Italian sculptor Giovanni Strazza

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Giovanni Strazza’s bust of the Virgin Mary is a beautifully exquisite example of an artistic technique that was popular in the mid-1850s in which marble was carved to look like a transparent veil is draped over the bust. Several of Strazza’s contemporaries also carved veiled statues, including Raffaelle Monti and Pietro Rossi. So masterful was Strazza at this technique that he actually carved several veil busts, but this one, most likely carved in the 1850s, is his most well-known. Strazza’s Veiled Virgin was once housed in Rome, but it was sent to Newfoundland, Canada, in 1856, where it remains under the watchful eye of the Presentation Sisters Convent at the Roman Catholic Cathedral in St. John’s.