This Ancient Creature Was Discovered In Japan… And It’s Even Older Than the Dinosaurs!

By Pen Cooper

You probably already know that crocodiles, sharks and horsehoe crabs have been around since prehistoric times, during the time when dinosaurs still roam the Earth. But what has recently been discovered off the coast of Japan is a "living fossil" of the prehistoric era.

The rarely-seen frilled shark, which looks like half-shark and half-eel, is believed to have existed over 80 millions years ago, making them older than the dinosaurs. This “living fossil” changed very little in that time and is truly a remnant of a time long long gone.

Watch the incredible footage below.

It is important to note that the frilled shark wasn't killed by people. It was barely surviving, and in the shallow waters where it was found it's chances of survival would've been very small. They were attempting to save it.

Credit: Rob Dan