Governor vows accountability after MS-13 gang members stabbed K-9 to death

By Daniel Walker | April 4, 2024

The attack

Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin of Virginia has pledged to ensure that a group of "barbaric" MS-13 members face consequences for their role in the death of a K-9 who was defending a correctional officer during a sudden attack at Sussex I State Prison. 

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The attack, carried out by four inmates, three of whom are linked to the MS-13 gang, resulted in the tragic loss of the K-9 as it shielded Corrections Officer Kharmishia Phillip Fields.

'God bless Rivan'

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Glenn Youngkin

"God bless Rivan, a heroic K-9 who was killed in the line of duty in Virginia. These barbaric members of MS-13 will be held accountable," the Virginia governor said in a statement.