Groucho Marx: Behind The Mustache

By | November 1, 2019

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Comedian Grouch Marx with his trademark mustache. Source: (Photo by Ralph Crane, The LIFE Images Collection via Getty Images/Getty Images)

Of the five Marx Brothers, Groucho Marx may be the most iconic, and for good reason. Groucho was one of the greatest comedians of the modern era and one of the most recognizable. The prolific entertainer appeared on stage, in vaudeville, in films, on television, and on the radio. Behind that greasepaint mustache and exaggerated eyebrows, however, was a complex person. Here's what you didn’t know about Groucho Marx. 

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Funny ran in the Marx family. Source: (

He got his Nickname Because He was Grumpy

According to stories, the five Marx brothers all got their nicknames during a 1914 card game with stand-up comedian Art Fisher. Despite his reputation as a funnyman, Julius Marx was the grouchy and grumpy brother who was easy to anger and often in a foul mood. In another story, it was claimed that Groucho Marx often wore a "grouch bag" around his neck in which he kept candy. Either way, Art Fisher suggested the name Groucho for Julius Marx, and his brothers---Harpo, Chico, Gummo, and Zeppo---all agreed to it.