Haunting Historical Photos And The Stories Behind Them

By | October 16, 2019

The "Beast of Jersey," Edward Paisnel wore a rubber mask and wig during a decade long crime spree terrorizing women and children

Prepare yourself for a chilling look into history that will fill you with fear and stick in the dark parts of your mind for days. These haunting photos feature unexplainable phenomena, disturbing final photos, and vintage medical practices that will make you thankful that you live in the modern era.

Be courageous as you learn the backstories behind some of history’s darkest moments, and discover the truth behind mysterious photos that have haunted viewers for decades. Diving into these photos isn’t for the weak of heart, so leave the lights on or maybe scroll with a friend. You’ve been warned, now onward. 

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It’s rare that real life creates a monster that can rival something from a horror film but from 1960 to 1971 Edward Paisnel stalked the Island of Jersey, in the British Channel off the coast of Normandy in a black woman’s wig, while wearing a disfigured rubber mask, attacking innocent women and children.

According to witnesses at his trial, Paisnel worked by day as a carpenter and helped his wife run an orphanage, but at night he prayed at an alter to Satan before dressing in his hideous garb and carrying out a vicious series of assaults. He was caught after running through a police barricade in a stolen car...the "Beast" mask and outfit were found in the trunk of the car before being convicted of 13 counts of disgusting crimes and sentenced to 30 years in prison.

The "Elephant's Foot" in the basement of Chernobyl

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What happens when a solid mass of melted nuclear fuel mixes with concrete, sand, and core sealing material that’s been melted by nuclear waste? It forms into a giant glob of deadly debris that’s shaped somewhat like an elephant’s foot. Located in the basement of the Chernobyl plant, the “elephant’s foot” is directly beneath the original location of the core. 10 years after the disaster the foot was still emitting radiation, and at only one-tenth of the radiation it once had it still threatened to cause fatal radiation sickness with anyone who comes into contact with it for any substantial amount of time. Still contained within the structure of Chernobyl, the foot is a monument to man’s destructive power.