Haunting Medical Practices From History 

At home x-ray machines were a normal way to study in the early 20th century

Think back to the first time you remember visiting a doctor’s office. All of the equipment looked so large and frightening, and the examination was definitely strange, but regardless of which decade you made your first doctor’s visit it couldn’t have been as weird as the medical practices of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The tools, prescriptions, and ideas that were going around at the time certainly helped modern medicine get to where it is now, but it was definitely weird. Come along while we take a look at some of the most odd medicines and health practices from long ago. Let’s go!

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While there were definitely universities with the ability to instruct young medical professionals in the art of the x-ray in the early 20th century, they weren’t as prevalent as they are today.

X-rays were only discovered in 1895, and in order for young medical hopefuls to study this new method of looking inside the body there was a text book released in 1902 called A System Of Instruction In X-ray Methods And Medical Uses Of Light, Hot-Air, Vibration And High-Frequency Currents. This book was meant for home study and it allowed young medical practitioners to give x-rays in the safety of their homes.