Haunting Medical Practices From History 


This woman is trying to improve her smile by giving herself dimples

Think back to the first time you remember visiting a doctor’s office. All of the equipment looked so large and frightening, and the examination was definitely strange, but regardless of which decade you made your first doctor’s visit it couldn’t have been as weird as the medical practices of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The tools, prescriptions, and ideas that were going around at the time certainly helped modern medicine get to where it is now, but it was definitely weird. Come along while we take a look at some of the most odd medicines and health practices from long ago. Let’s go!

Source: (pinterest.com)

Regardless of era or age, people have always wanted to look their best and they’ll go to whatever lengths they can to make it happen. In 1936 New Yorker Isabella Gilbert created a face-fitting spring that shoved two small knobs into the wearer’s cheeks, giving them a gorgeous set of dimples.

It’s not clear how long the user was supposed to commit to this monstrosity in order to get the “fine set of dimples” on offer, or how long the dimples would last after this invention’s use, but the one that’s crystal clear as this definitely was a one way ticket to scarring your face forever.