27 Haunting Photographs Of America's Execution Chambers

By | September 26, 2015

Most states in the U.S. use lethal injection as the primary mode of execution. But there are some states which still use other methods including the gas chamber and the electric chair. A few of these execution facilities have already been decommissioned, but the great majority are still officially active.

Take a look at America's death chambers through this collection of photos gathered from photographers, wire services, and from prison archives throughout the country.

1. Lethal Injection Room From Witness Room, Cummins Unit, Grady, Arkansas, 1991

us execution chambers 1

Lucinda Devlin/Galerie m Bochum

2. Gas Chamber, Arizona State Prison, Florence, Arizona, 1992

us execution chambers 2

Lucinda Devlin/Galerie m Bochum

3. Injection Table, San Quentin State Prison, San Quentin, California, 2010

Injection Table at San Quentin State Prison

Michael Macor/The San Francisco Chronicle/AP

4. Lethal Injection Chamber, Territorial Correctional Facility, Canon City, Colorado, 1991

us execution chambers 4

Lucinda Devlin/Galerie m Bochum

5. Gallows, Department of Corrections, Smyrna, Delaware, 1991

Delaware tore down its gallows in 2003. All executions are now performed through lethal injection.

us execution chambers 5

Lucinda Devlin/Galerie m Bochum

6. Lethal Injection Gurney, Florida State Prison, Raiford, Florida, Undated

us execution chambers 6

Florida Dept. of Corrections

7. Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison, Jackson, Georgia, 2001

us execution chambers 7

Ric Feld/AP/Corbis

8. Electric Chair, Alabama, 1991

us execution chambers 8

Lucinda Devlin/Galerie m Bochum

9. Execution Chamber, Idaho Maximum Security Institution, Boise, Idaho, 2011

Executioners Preparations

Jessie L. Bonne/AP/Corbis

10. Execution Chamber, Indiana State Prison, Michigan City, Indiana, 1995

us execution chambers 10

Indiana Department of Corrections/AP

11. Execution Chamber, Kentucky State Penitentiary, Eddyville, Kentucky, 2004

us execution chambers 11

Stephen Lance Denee/AP

12. Lethal Injection Chamber, Louisiana State Prison, Angola, Louisiana, 1992

us execution chambers 12

Lucinda Devlin/Galerie m Bochum

13. Lethal Injection Chamber From Family Witness Room, Parchman State Penitentiary, Parchman, Mississippi, 1998

us execution chambers 13

Lucinda Devlin/Galerie m Bochum

14. Execution Chamber, Montana State Prison, Deer Lodge, Montana, 1998

us execution chambers 14

Walter Hinick/AP

15. Gas Chamber, Central Prison, Raleigh, North Carolina, 1991

us execution chambers 15

Lucinda Devlin/Galerie m Bochum

16. Lethal Injection Chamber, Nevada State Prison, Carson City, Nevada, 1991

us execution chambers 16

Lucinda Devlin/Galerie m Bochum

17. Death Chamber, Southern Ohio Correctional Facility, Lucasville, Ohio, 1997

us execution chambers 17

Gary Gardiner/AP

18. Execution Chamber, Oklahoma State Penitentiary, McAlester, Oklahoma, 1996

us execution chambers 18

Jerry Laizure/AP

19. Execution Chamber, Oregon State Penitentiary, Salem, Oregon, 1997


Jack Smith/AP

20. State Correctional Institute Rockview, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, 2008

us execution chambers 20

Pennsylvania Dept. of Corrections

21. Witness Room, Broad River Correctional Facility, Columbia, South Carolina, 1991

us execution chambers 21

Lucinda Devlin/Galerie m Bochum

22. Lethal Injection Chamber, South Dakota State Penitentiary, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 2012

Amber Hunt/AP

23. Execution Chamber, Riverbend Maximum Security Institute, Nashville, Tennessee, 1999

Mark Humphrey/AP

24. Lethal Injection Chamber, Texas State Prison, Huntsville, Texas, 1992

us execution chambers 24

Lucinda Devlin/Galerie m Bochum

25. Execution by Firing Squad, Utah State Prison, Draper, Utah, 2010


26. Electric Chair, Greensville Correctional Facility, Jarratt, Virginia, 1991

us execution chambers 26

Lucinda Devlin/Galerie m Bochum

27. Execution Chamber with Witness Gallery, Washington State Penitentiary, Walla Walla, Washington, 2008

us execution chambers 27

Ted S. Warren/AP/Corbis

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