Here's why Ireland is at boiling point over mass immigration

By Bo Beard | May 15, 2024

Numerous protests

The Irish government's steadfast dedication to accommodating and supporting a significant influx of migrants during a period of intense housing and living cost challenges has ignited strong discontent among the Irish population. 

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This situation bears striking resemblances to the migrant crisis experienced in the United States. Numerous protests have erupted in towns across the country, with citizens urging the government to halt what they perceive as an "open borders" globalist agenda prioritizing migrants over native residents who are grappling with financial difficulties and housing insecurity as Ireland's homelessness rates soar.

High-profile crimes

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Incidents of high-profile crimes involving migrants have instilled fear among the local population, notably the disturbing knife assaults on young children and their teacher by an Algerian-born Irish citizen in November, leading to unrest and looting in the capital city.