Hidden Vintage Photos Tell A Different Story Of The Past

By | February 9, 2023

Just a photo of Johnny Cash eating cake in a bush like a normal person

Historical photos often show us things that we don’t want to see, but that we can’t look away from. This collection of photographs show us extraordinary moments from our past that send chills down our spine. Some of these shots show moments that are hard to look at, but others will give you goosebumps in the best way possible.

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If you don’t think about this photo of Johnny Cash eating cake in a bush at least twice a day then you’re not a real country fan. The common thought about this photo is that the Man in Black was as high as a kite when he posed for this shot, which isn’t a bad call because the man liked to imbibe. However, it was actually taken for his live album “Strawberry Cake,” recorded at The Palladium in London, England.

Cash says that the idea for the photos came from an afternoon in New York City when he and June came across a homeless man and said aloud that he could have been just like the man on the street. Cash picks it up from here in the album's liner notes:

I saw his eyes flutter as the bright sunlight hit his face. He didn’t open his eyes, but I knew he wasn’t dead. ‘What are you doing?’ June asked ‘I’m thinking about my friend here,’ I said ‘that could be me, you know’ June came over closer and smiled at me. “That was you a couple of times. Then she said again, ‘Come on lets go’ The rest of the story is in the song. I became that man. I put myself in his place and my mind, he finally won. I wish I knew who he is, and where he is. I’d send him a piece of Strawberry Cake.

Lady Diana dancing with Clint Eastwood in the Travolta dress, worn specifically because she was meeting John Travolta that night

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When Princess Diana visited President Ronald Reagan and his wife at the White House in 1985, Nancy Reagan constructed the evening so Diana would have some great guys to dance with. She invited John Travolta, Tom Selleck, and Clint Eastwood and made sure they knew it was their American duty to dance with the Princess of Wales - not that they would have had a problem with that.

On the night of the party Diana wore what’s now referred to as “The Travolta Dress,” specifically because Diana chose it to wear while she was dancing with the Saturday Night Fever star. The can be seen at the exhibit “Diana: Her Fashion Story” at Kensington Palace.