Historical Glimpses: Unpublished Photos Reveal Untold Stories

By Sophia Maddox | May 4, 2024

Johnny Carson as Tarzan and Betty White as Jane in the skit, "Tarzan And The Apes," on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" - 1981.

Pop culture fans rejoice! This collection of groovy-era photos you've never seen before will not only make you miss the old days of skateboards, boomboxes, and Happy Days re-runs, but will give you some behind-the-scenes tidbits and facts you never knew about your favorite movie and television stars, the biggest films, the coolest trends, and the hottest singers. You might learn a few things you never knew before about the sixties, seventies, and eighties. 

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An unlikely Tarzan and Jane. In a comedy skit for The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson that ran in 1981, Carson played the role of the Lord of the Jungle and Betty White, who was 59 years old at the time, played Jane. Carson and White enjoyed a long friendship that, at times, seemed flirtatious. Betty White often guest-starred on The Tonight Show and she enjoyed bantering with him. They were both quick-witted and had a similar sense of humor, which the audience loved. Carson sought out White’s advice on upcoming skits and the two were able to collaborate on them. 

Peter Mayhew and Carrie Fisher having fun during the filming of "The Empire Strikes Back" (1980)

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The British actor who played the role of Chewbacca in the Star Wars films was Peter Mayhew, shown here goofing around with his co-star Carrie Fisher. Mayhew was a natural to play the giant, hairy, space alien sidekick to Han Solo. At 7 feet, 3 inches in height, Mayhew towered over Fisher and his other Star Wars co-stars, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill. That’s because he suffered from gigantism. He was diagnosed with the disease as a child. It caused his unusual growth, but also created mobility issues for him later in life. During the filming of The Force Awakens, Mayhew relied on a wheelchair most of the time.