60 Captivating Historical Photos From The Past

By Sophia Maddox | February 19, 2024

An unconscious Babe Ruth running into a wall after chasing after a foul ball during the first game of a doubleheader with the Senators in 1924.

You've heard that a photo is worth a thousand words, but photos like the collection here have stories with so much more to say. These pictures give an insight into what life was like in eras as disparate as the 18th century and the 1970s. You'll see what life was like for a kid in America during the baby boom, and how the Native people of America lived long before the modern metropolis existed. These rare historical aren't just informative, they're a fun look at a time long gone, and maybe a time that you wish you could go back to. Prepare to be astonished and read on!

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

July 5, 1924, was not a great day for Babe Ruth. During a game at Griffith Stadium in Washington between the Yankees and the Senator the Bambino ran into a concrete wall while attempting to make a catch and knocked himself unconscious for five stressful minutes. As he lied on the field surrounded by players on both sides, the team doctor doused his face in water in an attempt to revive him. After waking up Ruth got back in the game, which was just a thing you could do in 1924. Following his accident he scored two more hits and played part of the second game of the double header.

This 2,000 year-old green serpentine stone mask was discovered at the base of the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacán, Mexico.

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Source: Reddit

Now here’s something you don’t see every day - or even every thousand years. In 2011 this mask was discovered by archaeologists in Mexico beneath the the Teotihuacan Pyramid of the Sun. This mask, which was found with a series of other collectibles is believed to have been placed at the bottom of the pyramid as an offering to the gods at the onset of the construction. While this mask was found at the pyramid of the sun, bones and other human remains were found buried at the base of the Pyramid of the Moon. It makes you wonder if there's something fascinating like this item at the base of every pyramid.