History of the Life and Loves of Ernest Hemingway

By | March 7, 2019

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Ernest Hemingway. Source: (killadj.com)

The writings of Ernest Hemingway are well known throughout the literary world, but how much is known about him as a person? A lot of authors use their own lives or the lives of those they know in their stories or at least certain aspects of them.

To begin with, Ernest Hemingway was an American author who was born in Illinois in 1899. As a young person of 17 years old, he began his first actual writing job in a newspaper office in Kansas City. At the age of 18, he left for Italy to work with an ambulance service during World War I as a way of helping out since they would not let him enlist due to his eyesight. It is amazing that he was able to write so many books since he had a problem with his eyesight. After just a couple of months, he was sent back home because he got hurt. Not long after his return, he was sent back over to Europe as a reporter to report on events of the war. 

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Hemingway and His first wife, Hadley Richardson. Source: (theguardian.com)

Before Hemingway actually married the first time, he had fallen in love with Agnes von Kurowsky, who was a Red Cross nurse that took care of him after he was injured overseas. They had planned to get married in America just a few months after he was released from the hospital, but instead, he received a “Dear John” letter saying that she was marrying someone else. Because of this rejection, he made up his mind he would never let another woman do that to him, which explains why he became such a womanizer with four marriages.

Nonetheless, just a couple of years later, in 1922 at age 20, he did meet and marry Hadley Richardson, who was eight years older than he was. They moved to Paris, where he continued his writing, working as a foreign correspondent. Still, as an unknown writer, he used their experiences and life in Paris as material for some of his writings. Together, they had one son.