Hollywood Stars Who Shed Their Inhibitions on the Big Screen

By Sophia Maddox | September 21, 2023

Alison Brie

In the golden age of Hollywood, actresses were often celebrated for their demure and ladylike personas, carefully crafted to appeal to a mass audience. However, as time went on and societal norms began to shift, more and more actresses began to push boundaries and bare it all on screen, challenging traditional notions of femininity and sexuality. From Marlene Dietrich's provocative performances in the 1930s to the bold and fearless portrayals of modern-day stars like Elizabeth Berkley and Jennifer Connelly, these women have fearlessly used their bodies to tell stories, challenge norms, and break barriers.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the actresses who have dared to bear it all on screen. From Golden Age stars like Brigitte Bardot and Jayne Mansfield to modern-day icons like Cate Blanchett and Halle Berry, these women have used their bodies as a powerful tool to convey raw emotion, expose societal taboos, and push the boundaries of what is acceptable on screen. So if you're ready to delve deeper into the world of fearless and boundary-breaking actresses, read on and discover the stories behind some of the most iconic scenes in film history.

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Actor and filmmaker Dave Franco directs his wife Alison Brie in several scenes baring it all in the Prime Video rom-com, Somebody I Used to Know. One of the most memorable of these is a streaking scene across a golf course, with Brie and co-star Kiersey Clemons. Funnily enough, it was Brie who inspired the scene, having co-written the script with her husband - and apparently having a penchant for a good jog sans clothing:

That [scene] was an early addition to the storyline because I had a real penchant for streaking in my college years. I kind of took a step away from that, but, in more recent years, I’ve gotten back into it.

The nakedness in Somebody I Used To Know also serves a storytelling purpose, providing a visual metaphor for the lead's vulnerable journey of self-discovery.

Daryl Hannah

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Daryl Hannah, the luminous actress with an ethereal presence, has graced the silver screen with her otherworldly talent for over four decades. With a career spanning from the early 80s to present day, she has become an icon in Hollywood, known for her striking beauty and exceptional performances. From her breakthrough role as a replicant in Ridley Scott's 1982 masterpiece Blade Runner, to her unforgettable portrayal of a mermaid in Splash, to her powerful and poignant performance in the critically acclaimed film Steel Magnolias, Hannah has captured the hearts of audiences around the world.

Her unique combination of grace, intelligence, and depth have cemented her as a true legend in the world of cinema. Hannah has spoken out about gratuitous scenes in film, especially when she's involved:

There have been many times when I have suddenly been confronted with a scene [with no clothes]. I would say, 'This isn't in the script.' And they would say, 'Oh we've added it. We felt it was integral to the character's development.' There are some real sleazeballs around. I soon became wise enough to realize there are very few films in which nudity is important.