House Passes Bill to Prevent Biden Admin from Banning More Home Appliances

By Bo Beard | May 11, 2024

This legislative effort

The recent approval of a House bill led by Representative Debbie Lesko signifies a pivotal moment in the ongoing discussions surrounding energy efficiency standards and regulatory supervision. 

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Central to this legislative effort is a focused drive to ensure that any forthcoming regulations set forth by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) related to energy efficiency are firmly rooted in technological viability and economic sensibility.

Lesko's bill

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Representative Lesko's bill is motivated by the perceived necessity to confront what she and others perceive as an alarming pattern of regulatory overextension by the DOE, particularly under the current administration. This sentiment is shared by a growing number of individuals who argue that a surge in new regulations on household appliances, spanning from stoves to air conditioners, signals a departure from a balanced policy-making approach.