Iconic Photographs That Captured More Than Expected

By | November 30, 2020

Bill Paxton, Liam Neeson and Patrick Swayze in the film, "Next of Kin" (1989) 

The following photos are some of the most fascinating shots that have ever been taken. Even if you think you’ve seen them before… look closer. Some of these pictures tell mature stories about our nation’s history, others show a different side of people like Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra.

These snapshots provide insight into some of the most tumultuous moments from history. Each era had its own struggles and successes, and they’ve all been captured here.

History books paint the past in one specific light, without compromise, and that’s why these photos are so important. They take our preconceived notions of history and turn them upside down.

Remember to look closely at the following images… everything is not what it seems.

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Three iconic actors, two of which who are unfortunately no longer with us. A photo like this is like time traveling if only through our memories. Taken on the set of Next of Kin, it’s clear that these three men from three different backgrounds bonded like brothers while working together.

The film follows a Chicago police officer who returns home to Appalachia to track down the man who killed his brother, it’s heavy material but the cast handles it well and makes the subject matter feel alive.

As intense as the shoot was, it’s clear that these guys bonded on set and became brothers for life.

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Always a performer, Lynda Carter didn’t always want to be on the screen. Early on she had her eyes on being a singer, but she didn’t know how to get on stage with a band behind her.

Her performance life got a jump start when she was 21 years old and entered into a beauty pageant in Arizona. After becoming Miss World America in 1972 she could write her own check.

Carter toured with a band for a while, but producers who caught her during the pageant had ideas outside of helping her career in rock. They started casting her in small roles on television and she never looked back.