Iconic Photos Captured Way More Than Expected

By | December 28, 2022

Sally Field on the set of "Gidget" (1965)

Are you ready for photos that captured more than meets the eye? Look closer... These handpicked moments from history are brought to life in a stunning new way, with color that brings out the true essence of the image. But be warned, not all of the stories behind these photos are suitable for all audiences, so proceed with caution. 

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From candid shots of celebrities at their most unguarded, to raw and unedited glimpses of the past, these colorized photographs offer a unique and unvarnished look at history. And while they may be shocking, they are also a powerful reminder of how far we've come.

As a young woman Sally Field’s career was launched into the stratosphere with her role as Gidget in 1965, the surfer babe with a knack for getting into trouble. Field was only 18 when she won the role, impressing the casting director with her spunk and down to Earth honesty. She explained:

After the first night of my workshop, a casting guy asked me if I had an agent. I didn't, but I still went in for an interview. The waiting room was filled with girls who looked like movie stars. They all had professional head shots; the only pictures I had were wallet photos of me with my friends. At my screen test, I walked in and said, ‘Which one is the camera?’ The crew members were like, ‘Oh, boy.’ But the casting director said, ‘You're it.’ God was looking out for me. He thought he'd throw me in the ocean and see if I could swim.

Candid stories like this, and moments in time that are just as deeply fascinating can be found here when you take a closer look and come along with us on a journey through the past. These iconic photos captured way more than we ever expected, and we invite you to continue reading to see even more. But please be mindful that this collection is intended for mature audiences only.

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You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t have a crush on Brigitte Bardot. A cinema idol for multiple generations of people, her inherent French mystique brought her from Paris and cast her into stardom at a young age. 

As one of the most famous women on the planet throughout the 1950s and ‘60s the one thing that she didn’t have was anonymity, something that she so deeply wanted. She explained to The Guardian:

I don’t know what it means to sit quietly in a bistro, on a terrace, or in the theatre without being approached by someone.