Iconic Women Who Made Love Boat a Classic

By Sophia Maddox | August 21, 2023

Of Course the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Were on The Love Boat

On the high seas of The Love Boat, some of the biggest and brightest stars in Hollywood history came together to create unforgettable moments of drama, romance, and adventure. From the iconic cast of Charlie's Angels to the sultry charms of Susan Anton, Barbi Benton, and Heather Thomas, these guest stars lit up the screen with their irresistible presence, creating a sense of magic and wonder that kept audiences coming back for more. With their unforgettable performances and natural charisma, these guest stars proved themselves to be true masters of their craft, capable of elevating even the most outlandish of storylines to new heights of excitement and emotion.

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The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders' guest appearance on The Love Boat Season 3 was a fun and energetic romp that added a touch of glamour and athleticism to the proceedings. The cheerleaders came on board as part of a charity fundraiser for an Acapulco orphanage, lending their star power and beauty to a worthy cause. However, it wasn't all smooth sailing for the squad, as one of the cheerleaders found herself the target of unwanted attention from a persistent suitor.

As the episode unfolded, viewers were treated to a delightful mix of high kicks, catchy tunes, and playful hijinks, all set against the backdrop of the Love Boat's luxurious environs. The cheerleaders brought a contagious energy to the proceedings, showcasing their impressive dance skills and infectious spirit. And while the storyline was relatively light-hearted, the performances were top-notch, with the cast bringing just the right mix of humor and heart to the proceedings.

Overall, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders' appearance on The Love Boat Season 3 was a welcome addition to the series, showcasing the show's ability to incorporate a range of talents and personalities into its ensemble cast. It was a fun and lively episode that captured the spirit of the series at its best.

Julie Newmar Was Out Of This World On The Pacific Princess

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Julie Newmar, the actress and dancer best known for her portrayal of the seductive Catwoman in the 1960s Batman television series, made an appearance on The Love Boat as a woman who falls for a man she believes to be a celebrity. Unfortunately for her, the man in question turns out to be nothing more than a traveling show salesman, played by the legendary Don Knotts. Newmar's character, who is used to the finer things in life, must decide whether or not to continue her romance with the less-than-impressive salesman. It's a story of mistaken identity and unexpected love, played out against the backdrop of the high seas on this beloved television series.