The Other Not-So-Known Talent of Nobel Prize Winner William Faulkner

People | May 15, 2016

Nobel Prize-winning writer William Faulkner is celebrated for his prose, but early in his life, he also dabbled in the visual arts.

A small collection of his drawings appear in William Faulkner: Early Prose and Poetry. The book is out of print, but if you want a little more of Faulkner, an archived version is available online at the Internet Archive.

The illustrations, mostly published between 1919 and 1921, are reminiscent of the Jazz Age. Some include jokes, and all were drawn with a certain touch of whimsy.

W Faulkner Drawings 1

W Faulkner Drawings 2

W Faulkner Drawings 3

W Faulkner Drawings 4

W Faulkner Drawings 5

W Faulkner Drawings 6

W Faulkner Drawings 7

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