Inside Dulce Base: The Chilling Secret Military Site Where Extraterrestrials Roam Free


Dulce: More than Meets the Eye?

In the vast expanse of New Mexico, just south of the Colorado border, lies Dulce, a quaint town pulsating with tales that are as mysterious as they are captivating. With a backdrop of mesas and sunlit skies, Dulce isn’t just another southwestern town. It's the epicenter of a conspiracy theory that has intrigued and baffled many — a supposed subterranean base teeming with aliens, UFOs, and secrets that stretch the imagination. Dive into the Dulce diaries, where we unravel tales of unexplained phenomena, local legends, and the town's curious embrace of the extraterrestrial. Strap in and prepare for a journey through one of America's most enigmatic locales.


Beneath the unassuming streets of Dulce, New Mexico, where there's not even a single traffic light, there may lurk a mystery as deep as the darkest abyss. Most passersby would see just another tranquil southwestern town, but some curious souls whisper of a secret underground. The tales are out of this world—literally! Conspiracy enthusiasts suggest that this isn't just your average town, but the rooftop of a seven-level subterranean base.