A Look Inside Victorian Homes in the 1800s

By | February 27, 2017

Take a glimpse of what everyday life is like in these houses between the late 1800s and early 1900s.

A view of an 1890's Victorian dining room. If only these walls could talk!
inside victorian homes 1

1865 picture called "Interieur" captured by Lady Frances Jocelyn.
inside victorian homes 2

Here's one of our favorites: Marcel Vanderkindere's photo of a summer lounge in Belgium by 1895. That rocking chair really looks welcoming, doesn't it?
inside victorian homes 3

A rare look inside a 19th century Victorian home. I'm tempted to light a fire, then just sit and enjoy.
inside victorian homes 4

Within an 1880s home. You can discern from the gun, rug, and also the antlers that this belongs to a hunting family. You can also tell from the spinning wheel that even when they were fairly well-off, they still made due with what they had.
inside victorian homes 6

An image of an elegant, high-ceilinged home in Cortland, New York during 1890s. You can tell that it would probably take quite the fire to keep that room warm in winter!.
inside victorian homes 7

Here is typical parlor at the turn of the century. Floors were almost entirely carpeted and there were a number of chairs for various activities that would range from work to hosting company to just simply enjoying someone playing the piano.
inside victorian homes 8

People nowadays would think Victorian homes as crowded or cluttered, but not us! You'll actually see, once you look closer, that much of what appears to be litter is simply more chairs, that were necessary for additional company or when hosting a get-together. As people would use to say, "Y'all have chairs here!"
inside victorian homes 9

Another view of a parlor also functioning as a work room. We'd really love to take a closer look at all those pictures and paintings on the wall!
inside victorian homes 10

Here's another view of a lavish parlor of the Eldon House.
inside victorian homes 11

A photo of a more middle-class parlor but still very beautiful!
inside victorian homes 12

This is an 1885 photo of a very posh, upper-class home taken from VictorianChildren.org. See the palm over to the right!
inside victorian homes 13

Now this room may perhaps border on what is cluttered in our view, although just barely! But you can imagine how people spend a lot of time in here, most especially with that big fireplace!
inside victorian homes 14