Insights into the Catholic Church: Unveiling Historical Secrets

By Sophia Maddox | April 20, 2024

The Church Funded Schools That Took Indigenous Children From Their Families

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The Canadian Indian residential school system comprised a network of boarding schools aimed at Indigenous communities. Children were frequently taken from their parental homes, sometimes through coercive means, and placed into these schools. According to the 2015 findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, over 4,000 students are estimated to have lost their lives due to the consequences of this system. Approximately 60% of these Canadian Indian residential schools were run by the Catholic Church, with financial support from federal and provincial governments. The commission determined that students perished as a result of inadequate facilities, disease, suicide, and mistreatment at the hands of those in charge of the schools.

Pope Pius XII Ignored The Holocaust

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Pope Pius XII has faced enduring criticism for allegedly disregarding firsthand testimonies of mass executions carried out by the Nazis, primarily targeting Jewish individuals. However, in 2020, newly unearthed evidence from the Vatican has shed light on a different perspective. According to this evidence, in September 1942, the pope's assistant received a report detailing the persecution of Jews in Warsaw, albeit conflicting claims surround this account. Additionally, in August 1942, Ukrainian Archbishop Andrzej Szeptycki had informed the Vatican that Jews within the Lvov ghetto were already experiencing persecution, a month before the reported events in Warsaw.