Everyday Life of Inuit People Captured in 25 Vintage Photographs

By | August 24, 2017

The Inuit people live in the far northern parts Alaska, Siberia, Canada, and Greenland. Everything about their lives is influenced by the cold climate in which they live.

Since mud and wood are hard to find in the frozen tundra of the Arctic, the Inuits learned to make warm homes (the Inuit word for home is "igloo") out of snow and ice during the winter, and animal skin stretched over driftwood or whalebone frames during the summer.

For clothing, they used animal skins and furs to stay warm. They made other apparels such as shirts, pants, boots, hats, and big jackets called anoraks from seal and caribou skin. To make the clothes thicker and warmer, they would line them with furs from animals like polar bears, rabbits, and foxes.

Check out these 25 black and white photos below that capture the everyday life of Inuit people from the early 20th century.