Liberals 'Freak Out' Over RFK Jr.'s VP Pick

By Daniel Walker | April 11, 2024

Significant uproar

Democrats have escalated their criticisms against Robert F. Kennedy Jr. since he declared Nicole Shanahan as his vice-presidential pick. 

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This move has caused a significant uproar within the party, with experts labeling it as the Democrats' worst fear.

Point out the obvious

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Republican strategist and The Vogel Group principal Matt Keelen said, “Only in the new Socialist Democratic Party — they should change their name to reflect who they really are now — would the son of Robert F Kennedy and nephew of Democrat icon JFK be forced from the party that has used their name for decades, all because he had the gall to point out the obvious, Joe Biden is not prepared to lead this country for four more years." He added: “Anyone with eyes knows that as a fact.”