What Life Looks Like On the World’s Steepest Street

By | April 2, 2017

You’re definitely going to redefine the word “hill” when you get to see these photos of Baldwin Street.

You’ll see the “Worlds Steepest Street” running through the town of Dunedin in New Zealand.

Although some are still questioning the said title.

The street is lined with houses and this slant tells you just how steep the street is.

The 35% (horizontal) grade is WAY more vertical than it sounds.

Most especially if you are walking all the way up.

Annually, the residents take advantage of this curiosity with an event, the “Baldwin Street Gutbuster”where people would race down and then up the street.

Yes, just parking your car is definitely an adventure. Just remember your emergency break and to turn your wheels towards the curb.

And those crazy steps next to the road are worth checking for an action.

This seems like any other neighborhood. It’s just that… it isn’t flat.