Look Closer... Vintage Photos That Were Never Edited

By Sophia Maddox | December 7, 2023

Stage shot of a Pink Floyd concert in San Diego, 1970.

Few things are as satisfying as a trip down memory lane -- and it's even better when you find something you didn't notice before. Because as Ferris Bueller said -- life moves pretty fast. Here are dozens of pictures of celebrities and remarkable people of yesteryear in all their beautiful, vintage glory. The glamour, the fashions, the hair -- whether classically elegant, effortlessly cool, or interestingly tacky, we shall not see their like again. Here's to the movie stars who were larger than life, here's to the rock stars who lived on the edge, here's to the comedians who still make us smile, here's to the bit players who had those moments of glory that changed their lives forever. It's all good, it's all groovy, and the rest is history.

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The prog-rock group Pink Floyd is best known for the decade of massive commercial success that kicked off in 1973 with Dark Side of the Moon. Wish You Were Here, Animals, The Wall, and The Final Cut, all of them high chart performers and huge sellers globally, followed. But the group's work before Dark Side of the Moon was more challenging -- unconventional song structures with long instrumental sections and sound experiments. Albums like A Saucerful of Secrets, Ummagumma, and Atom Heart Mother are highlights (or perhaps low-lights, if 20 minute, multi-part song suites aren't your cup of tea) of the psychedelic space-rock and prog-rock that flourished in the early '70s. In this shot, band members Rick Wright, David Gilmour, and Roger Waters (drummer Nick Mason is not pictured) are playing in support of the Atom Heart Mother album.

A pre-Wonder Woman Lynda Carter, circa 1971-72.

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In the comic books, Wonder Woman's alter ego is Diana Prince -- but to Americans who watched TV in the '70s, Wonder Woman (and, technically speaking, Diana Prince) will always be Lynda Carter. When this picture was taken, Carter was about 20 years old, soon to be a pageant winner. She was Miss World USA 1972 and a semifinalist in the 1972 Miss World pageant (held in London), after which she began to study acting and landed small roles on TV series and in B-movies. In 1975, Carter landed the role of Wonder Woman, whom she portrayed on TV through 1979. Current WW actress Gal Gadot is good -- she's very good -- but she'll never dethrone Lynda Carter as the all-time iconic Wonder Woman.