Look Closer... Vintage Photos That Were Never Edited

By | November 21, 2022

Take your time with these colorized photos of the forgotten past, there's a lot to take in. The nuance and depth that comes with the colorization of a formerly black and white photo makes you feel like you're in the moment, not just looking at it through a screen...

This hand picked collection of rarely seen photos from the past will 100 percent blow your mind. Not only do these photos jump off the screen with a vibrancy unmatched by their black and white counterparts, but they feature in depth stories that may not be suitable for all audiences.

⚡ Proceed with caution when looking deeper into these newly colorized photos, many of them are for mature audiences only. You've been warned... ⚡

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Well this is definitely not the usual World War II photo. When two German bombers fell from the sky around August 15, 1940, the folks of Cheshire must have thought they were being invaded, but in fact they were just getting some local color.

While this many sites mark this photo as being taken on August 14, it was most likely snapped around the 15th or 16th. On August 15, 1940, a massive air engagement took place between the Luftwaffe and the RAF which ended in the German army losing 76 aircrafts. For the British this was a much needed win, but for the Germans it became known as "Black Thursday."

It's entirely possible that this plane crashed completely apropos of Black Thursday, maybe the pilot was just awful at navigation.

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The King was always close to his mother and father. While most people love their parents, Elvis felt it was his duty to keep them safe and make sure he took care of them the way they took care of him.

While speaking with the New York Daily Mirror about their son, Elvis' parents noted that he was already thinking about how to care for them when he was just a child. Gladys said:

When he was hardly four he'd tell me, ‘Don't worry, baby. When I'm grown up I'll buy you a big home and two cars. One for you and Daddy and one for me.' All his life he'd say out loud what he was going to do for us, and he'd say it in front of other people. And you know, I believed him.

For what it's worth, Elvis did make sure his parents were taken care of. They lived with him throughout their lives, and after his first brush with success he made sure they were taken care of.