Best Guest Star On "The Love Boat"? Take A Closer Look

Tina Louise Escaped Gilligan's Island For A Trip on The Love Boat

On the high seas of The Love Boat, some of the biggest and brightest stars in Hollywood history came together to create unforgettable moments of drama, romance, and adventure. From the iconic cast of Charlie's Angels to the sultry charms of Susan Anton, Barbi Benton, and Heather Thomas, these guest stars lit up the screen with their irresistible presence, creating a sense of magic and wonder that kept audiences coming back for more. With their unforgettable performances and natural charisma, these guest stars proved themselves to be true masters of their craft, capable of elevating even the most outlandish of storylines to new heights of excitement and emotion.


Tina Louise, the iconic and sultry actress, made not one but two unforgettable appearances on the high seas of The Love Boat, showcasing her range and versatility as a performer. In one episode, Louise played the role of Doc's ex-wife from way back, bringing a potent mix of drama and seduction to the screen as she reunited with her former husband and attempted to win him back. Through a series of playful and flirtatious encounters, Louise captivated viewers with her smoldering presence and undeniable charm, creating a performance that crackled with emotion and intrigue.

In a later season, she returned to the show in a different capacity, playing herself in a murder mystery storyline that kept audiences on the edge of their seats. With her timeless beauty and natural talent, Louise proved herself to be a true master of her craft, a gifted actress capable of bringing her A-game to even the most outlandish of storylines. In these unforgettable moments on The Love Boat, she left an indelible mark on the history of television, cementing her status as a true icon of the silver screen.

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