Mind-Blowing Science Facts That Sound Fake

By Sophia Maddox | April 29, 2024

Saliva Makes Taste Possible

Science isn't all polymers and periodic charts, it can be reaaaaally weird. From pink diamonds born of cosmic collisions to the 'virgin birth' of turkeys, we've collected a gaggle of mind-bending facts that will not only challenge what you thought you knew about the natural world, but science itself. Join us on this whirlwind journey of scientific wonders that are stranger than fiction!

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We'll just spit this out: Beyond the simple act of chewing, our ability to savor the flavors of our favorite food's hinges on the remarkable chemistry of saliva. When you indulge in a delicious treat, you're not directly tasting the food itself but rather the intricate blend of chemicals from the delicacy that have dissolved in your saliva. Only after these flavorful compounds mingle with our spit can the taste receptors on our tongues detect any discernible flavor. Curious skeptics can put this to the test by drying their tongues with a paper towel before sampling a snack—prepare to be surprised by the lackluster taste experience.

The Headless Chicken Phenomenon

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Bob Landry—Time & Life Pictures/Shutterstock

In the realm of bizarre science facts, few tales are as bewildering as that of Mike the Headless Chicken, which assume is not the chicken's given name. A peculiar blend of resilience and peculiarity, Mike's story stretches back to 1945 when his owner, Lloyd Olsen, unwittingly turned him into a feathered freak show. With a swift chop, Mike lost his head, but remarkably, not his life. Surviving sans cranium for a staggering 18 months, Mike puzzled experts and captivated the public alike. This curious endurance owes itself to the peculiar anatomy of chickens. Their brains, nestled at the rear of the skull, aren't extensive to begin with, allowing them to subsist on nerve impulses alone. Thus, with sustenance piped directly into his esophagus, Mike thrived, albeit in a most unconventional manner.