Monopoly: A Brief History, Facts, Trivia

By | November 4, 2019

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Money on a Monopoly board. Source: (Photo by Lynne Cameron/PA Images via Getty Images)

Monopoly is one of America's best-loved board games, enjoyed by wannabe moguls, future tycoons, and families on game night around the world. It's been around for close to a century, but as unlikely as it seems for this wholesome pastime, it remains shrouded in controversy. Let's look at the origins of this beloved board game as well as the cultural impact it has had. 

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Charles Darrow claimed he created Monopoly and sold the game to Parker Brothers. Source: (

A Rags-To-Riches Story

For decades, the story behind Monopoly was all about how Charles Darrow entertained his poverty-stricken family during the Great Depression with a discarded scrap of oilcloth and the dream of an alternate universe in which they could become rich. As the story goes, Darrow eventually sold his game to Parker Brothers, and his dream became a reality. His story was so inspiring because it was one of good old-fashioned American ingenuity and determination. There was just one catch: It wasn't true.