Most Beautiful Colorized Images In History

Colorized historical photos | August 5, 2019

Danish explorer Peter Freuchen and his third wife, Dagmar Cohn -1947.

Source: (reddit.com)

When someone looks this cool then you know they’ve got some great stories. Peter Freuchen is one of those guys who’s seen it and done it all. Born in Denmark in 1886, Freuchen started out his life like a normal upstanding citizen. When he was in his late teens he went to school for medicine but found that this wasn’t the life he wanted to lead, instead he sought adventure. 

In 1906 he traveled to Greenland before taking a dogsled 600 miles to hunt and to trade with Inuits. The coat he’s wearing in this photo is actually made from a polar bear that he killed while on the hunt. It perfectly fits his massive frame. By 1910 Freuchen was lecturing about the Inuit culture before taking another trip across Greenland that found him stuck in a blizzard and buried in snow. He finally dug himself out of the ice by using a knife made from his own feces. And that’s why he’s the best dinner guest anyone could ask for. 

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