Most Beautiful Colorized Images In History

Colorized historical photos | August 5, 2019

The RMS Titanic in color, 1912.

Source: (Pinterest.com)

Constructed early in the 20th century, the Titanic’s keel was laid in 1909 right next to its sister ship The Olympic. The unsinkable ship was built as a home away from home for the world’s wealthiest people. The first-class amenities were unlike those on any other ship, and the second-class accommodations were just as good if not better than the first-class sections on other ships.

The Titanic was launched on May 31, 1911 but it wasn’t considered seaworthy until April 1912. Sitting at 52,000 tons when its weight was displaced, the massive ship took its maiden and only voyage on April 10, 1912.

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