Most Beautiful Colorized Images In History

Colorized historical photos | August 5, 2019

Henry Behrens, the smallest man in the world dances with his pet cat in the doorway of his Worthing home, 1956.

Source: (reddit.com)

Even though Henry Behrens was the smallest man in the world in 1956, standing at a height of 30 inches, it’s clear that this is a huge cat. At just over two feet tall Behrens was a part of “Burton Lester's midget troupe,” which might sound like an existence that’s not exactly PC, but in the ‘50s it was one of the few ways in which smaller people could make a living.

Behrens clearly lead a nice life, and he had a cat that put up with his shenanigans. Aside from his small stature and large cat, Behrens lead as normal a life as possible where he cooked and cleaned like the rest of us even while referring to himself as “Colonel Peewee.”

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