Most Paused Scene Of All Time? Take A Closer Look


The Panty Raid In 'Animal House' Remains A Fan Favorite Moment

Get ready to take a trip down memory lane as we uncover the most paused movie scenes of all time. From thrilling action sequences to shocking plot twists, we've compiled a list of the moments that have left audiences rewinding and pausing for a closer look. Whether it's a jaw-dropping reveal or a steamy on-screen moment, these scenes have become iconic and forever ingrained in the annals of film history.

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The panty raid scene in the 1978 comedy film Animal House is a memorable and iconic moment in the film that has been referenced and parodied numerous times over the years. In the scene, a group of fraternity members, led by the character of Otter, played by Tim Matheson, stage a panty raid on a nearby sorority house.

The scene is filled with chaotic and hilarious moments, including the characters accidentally setting a pillow on fire and Otter being chased by a group of angry sorority members. Many fans of the film have paused the scene to get a closer look at the antics of the fraternity members as well as a few very enticing visuals.