Unseen Photos From Studio 54


Sylvester Stallone and actress Joyce Ingalls pose for the camera at New York at Studio 54, 1978. 

To get the full disco-era experience, one needed only to step inside the doors of Studio 54, the 1970s most well-known disco dance club. Sure, Studio 54 helped to launch the careers of some of the greatest musical groups of the day, but it was also the place to be seen. The hottest movie stars, TV personalities, and entertainers made Studio 54 their hangout. It wasn't just the music that attracted them. It was the atmosphere. In this collection of bizarre and salacious photos, we will get a behind the scenes look at the infamous Studio 54. 
Source: Google

Sylvester Stallone and model-turned-actress Joyce Ingalls were photographed together at Studio 54 in 1978. This was the same year that Joyce appeared with Stallone in the drama, Paradise Alley.  That was also the same year that Joyce’s name was listed on the divorce papers that Stallone’s wife, Sasha, served him. According to the gossip magazines of the time, Stallone used money from a joint account with his wife to go on a lavish vacation with Joyce shortly after filming wrapped up on Paradise Alley