Astonishing Vintage Photos That Challenge The Narrative


Madonna relaxing in a NYC apartment. (1983)

It’s time to take a look at some photos that are going to make you wish you had a time machine handy. Did you know that James Dean stole Marlon Brando’s girlfriend shortly before his death? We’ve got the photo to prove it. Do you remember that picture of Lynda Carter in a swim cap that shocked the public? We’ve got that too. And we’ve got Jim Morrison hanging out in his home made vocal booth (also known as a “bathroom” in some parts of the country). We’ve also got classic photos from Woodstock, some sweethearts from the racing scene, and plenty of interesting facts about these small yet fascinating moments in history to keep you from falling asleep at your desk.

Crack open a can of Tab and dive into these 56 photos that will have you reminiscing with your crew before you know it. Read on!

Source: Reddit

In 1983 Madonna was a struggling actress and singer with a couple of dance hits on the charts. Most prominently her single “Everybody” was becoming a club mainstay, but it would be the songs “Holiday” and “Lucky Star” that propelled her into the mainstream. In that nebulous period between wanting to be famous and actually getting there she met photographer Richard Corman’s mother while auditioning for The Last Temptation of Christ. Corman’s mother sent him to Madonna’s Lower East Side apartment where he snapped this photo.

Richard Corman recalled:

I walked into the corridor and I heard her yelling from above. She leaned over and I just saw those eyes looking at me. Those cat eyes. I knew right then that this was somebody who just had something special.