This Mysterious Room In Paris Hasn’t Been Opened For 68 Years. Come, Let’s Take A Look Inside.

By Deb Street

Madame de Florian was just 23 years old when she fled Paris, France, to escape the Nazi raid in 1942. She locked up her apartment and never came back. She died at the age of 91.

Her family discovered that she continued paying the rent and upkeep of the place even when she's no longer living there. They hired an auctioneer to visit the apartment and inventory its contents.

This room hasn't been opened for 68 years!


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It's the perfect time capsule of the Parisian Belle Epoque time.


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Madame de Florian inherited this from her grandmother, a Parisian socialite and actress.


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The apartment remained exactly as when 23-year-old Madame de Florian left it 68 years ago.


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The place is filled with furniture, gold curtains, books, and many other embellishments of the time.


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A stuffed ostrich with pre-war stuffed animals — a retro-looking Porky the Pig and Mickey Mouse.


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The biggest treasure they discovered was a never-before-seen painting of Giovanni Boldini from 1898. It was the portrait of Marthe de Florian. The painting was later auctioned for €2.1 million.


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