The Legends Of The Navajo Skinwalkers

By | May 28, 2019

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Navajo Indian, dressed in spruce branches rather than animal pelts. Source: (Photo by Buyenlarge/Getty Images)

Legends of the Navajo skinwalkers: terrifying mythical creatures from folklore (or "cryptids) that are human, but can take the form of hideous beasts. And this dates back to hundreds of years before Stephenie Meyer enthralled the world with what she got rich doing. The Native American shapeshifting skinwalkers were frightening beings of pure evil and, perhaps, served as a cautionary tale against dabbling in the spiritual unknown. Here are some of the facts about the Navajo skinwalkers, and some things you may not have, or just didn't, know. It's okay, that's why we're here.

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Like werewolves, but with bears too

Like the European stories of werewolves, the Navajo skinwalkers are cursed humans who can transform into other creatures, mostly wolves, bears, and birds of prey. They were known as Yee Naaldlooshii, which translates to “with it, he goes on all fours.” Stories of the skinwalkers tell us that they are often shaman who cross over to the dark side by participating in secret, forbidden rituals and ceremonies that summon evil forces that allow him to take the form of different predatory animals. The lure of the evil forces is so strong that many shamans remain in their animal form for too long and lose their humanity, leaving them a dangerous, bloodthirsty hybrid.