These Photos Show the Changing Face of New York More Than Half a Century Ago and Now

By | June 26, 2016

These vintage images taken in the 1940s - 1950s by legendary crime photographer Arthur "Weegee" Fellig are shown alongside shots of the same places taken last year.

Say hello to progress.

Left:A man is pictured lying drunk on the ground on Center Street, just outside police headquarters in this 1945 photo'.
Right: A woman walks past the same engraved sign for the former Police Department on March 18 this year.

Top: A lightning bolt strikes above Lower Manhattan on July 27, 1940
Bottom: A picture taken from the same vantage point shows how the skyline has changed over the last 75 years.

Top: Weegee's photograph of neon billboards on Times Square,September 1957
Bottom: Bottom pic shows how the area has changed over the years.

Top: Weegee photographed a fire on Doyers Street in the heart of New York's Chinatown, January 17, 1941.
Bottom: Shops and businesses have sprung up along the same street.

Left: Weegee photographed The Empire State Building in 1943 from behind a 'loans sign'.
Right: A photo taken this year shows how the view from the same spot has changed in the last 70 years.

Top: Crowds of men gather next to what is now the Barclay's Center, March 18, 1943.
Bottom: The same area, next to the Atlantic Mall, as it appears today.

Left: Fire crews battle a blaze at the intersection of Fulton and Greenwich Streets in this 1946 photograph.
Right: A photograph taken earlier this year shows people lining up for the September 11 Museum near the World Trade Center transportation hub.

Left: This photo from the International Center of Photography shows the Times Building in 1952.
Right: The Times Building as it appears today.

Top: The 24-hour Ham n Egg restaurant on West 51st Street is shown in Weegee's 1953 photo.
Bottom: A Starbuck Coffee occupy the same spot today.

Left: Crowds are pictured along Wall Street in May 1945 as the nation was celebrating VE Day (Victory in Europe Day).
Right: A picture taken from the same vantage point shows the area as it appears today.

Top: This photo shows men and women at a Chinese restaurant, 1945.
Bottom: A woman walks down the same staircase earlier this year.

Left: Celebration in the Garment District on Japanese offer to surrender, August 1945
Right: The same street pictured today.

Top: A 1953 Weegee photo called 'Showing Tonite' captured 42nd Street in New York.
Bottom: Theater signs can still be seen lining the same street today.

H/T Daily Mail Online